About the club

The idea of creating the club “Picasso” was born in the mid-90s in among Lviv artists and, accordingly, the first place was at the Lviv Academy of Arts. Club due to its creativity and variety of themed events, quickly became popular among creative young people and fans of club rest.

The realization of new ideas and increasing number of the club fans required expansion and changes. In 1997, the new “homebase” of club “Picasso” was the building of the former cinema “Bajka” on street Zelena, 88, which was built in 1931 by the renowned architect Dominique Vukovich (Dominik Wuchowicz) and later renamed cinema “Zirka”. Ancient architecture of the building and surprisingly cozy corner of the old Lviv – each time attract more and more fans of creative club leisure.

Romance and mystery atmosphere of the club adds a small Park, which stretches from the club “Picasso” to the street Vodohinna, which in the 1950-1970s was a Gypsy settlement with stables and until that time here is hovering a Gypsy spirit of incendiary parties.
On 13 June 2009, at the entrance to the club, on the occasion of its 12th anniversary, established the first in Ukraine monument to Pablo Picasso.


Its popularity and recognition the club has received not only due to the elegant design in the style of Picasso, but also extremely tasty dishes. Pablo Picasso gave preference to healthy and tasty food. One of his wives was a ballerina, and she was Slavic, and she acquainted the artist with traditional Slavic dishes. Therefore, the menu of our café, that is open from 12.00 to 17.00, combines original dishes of European cuisine and traditional Ukrainian dishes.


Club “Picasso” is located in a cozy and green corner of the city, near the center. Once inside, You will plunge into a special atmosphere of a great Artist and his creations. In the club “Picasso” You will feel comfortable and well thanks to two storeys on the perimeter of the room and unique mobile stage. In the hall you can find reproductions of portraits and paintings of Pablo Picasso, decorated in colours that make You lose track of time in a comfortable, interesting and friendly atmosphere. Theme parties disco, rock and jazz concerts, and performances of young singers gather citizens from different generations.Every event in the club becomes for the participants an unforgettable vacation.